Lume Podcast Production and Content Marketing for Companies

As part of the marketing consultancy Lume, I develop broadcast quality Podcasts for companies from original concept to final delivery. For more information please go to the Lume website here

Podcast Production Service

The ancient art of storytelling is more relevant now than ever in the Digital Age. It has never been easier to get your message out there with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. But how do you break through the noise and get people to notice?

Digital marketing is all about storytelling and podcasting has become one of the most compelling and effective mediums to deliver your organisations’ story. Consumers have become used to on-demand TV and Podcasts are essentially on-demand radio. Podcast listenership is growing with over one million Irish listeners every week with the number of Irish podcast listeners doubling in the last year alone.

Podcasts are a clever way of helping your brand stand out in a crowded digital marketplace where your audience get to hear your message directly from you.

Podcast listeners are emotionally involved because they actively choose a Podcast aimed specifically at their own interests and this creates a bond between the listener and your company in a way no other media does.

We handle everything from planning, format development, preproduction, hosting, recording, editing, booking and preparing guests, scriptwriting, music and jingles, artwork and logo, RSS feeds, embeds, transcripts, registering and uploading to all podcasting platforms including Apple, Spotify, Acast and Google.

We provide marketing content for your social media team. We create, generate and edit marketing content (animated text, photo quotes and audiograms to use across all social platforms.

We write articles on the podcast which can be used as content for websites, press releases, emails, newsletters etc.

We have produced Podcast series for many companies including Six Seconds Europe, DCU, Tipperary Tourism and the Clonmel Junction Festival. See samples of below.

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